Issue #1 | Post Profit

Longview Unplugged Magazine’s very first issue features Post Profit, a talented group of musicians that are making headlines. Asian Pacific Heritage, which gives you a closer look into the culture that is deeply rooted here. And introduces local creatives around Longview. Welcome to the alternative side of East Texas!

Issue #2 | Gost

Longview Unplugged speaks out against active racism in our second issue and also invites you to download new music from local and worldwide known artist, Ghost. The fight to better our community with unity is here!

Issue #3 | Empowering Women

Longview Unplugged Is here to empower the women in your life. Showing you their diversity, tenacious spirits, and what women are bringing to the table. I Am Woman!

Issue #4 | Celebrating Black History Month

Be heard, shines a spotlight on what local African Americans and Black Americans are doing to make our community a better place. Join the hard conversations that will change the racial bias and speak out about the Black Lives Matter Movement! Your voice is important!

Issue #5 | Puro Raza

Puro Raza! Longview Unplugged celebrates Hispanic and Latino culture, art, food, and music! It is also a safe space to talk about the struggles and triumphs of the Latino community. Get involved in local nonprofits and read more about what these amazing humans are doing in our city! Watch our feature interview here.